To the incredible experience of sailing the waters aboard the emblematic Sir Robert sailboat are added the delicacies of the chef Jürgen Langer of the prestigious Del Mar Restaurant, where passengers are invited to discover a truly unique adventure around a privileged environment in which the peace of nature is exacerbated more than ever.

The panoramic views from the middle of the sea propose a different gastronomic encounter that seduces all the senses alike. As Jürgen cooks in the open air defying the aft winds, the aromas of indigenous products intertwine with those of the sea to give rise to various dishes with a classic Mediterranean influence.

Lobsters, squid, oysters, fish and octopuses fresh from the sea enhance the preparations of a chef that has us well accustomed to sophisticated and intense flavors. Accompanied by a good wine in hand, It seems to be the perfect occasion to toast what has been lived and enjoy the magical sunsets that the immensity of the sky gives away.. A special to toast with a good wine and contemplate the magical sunsets from the vastness of the sea.

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