In a world that pulls us daily with its problems and difficulties, you must take care. And the best way to start doing it is to carry out a series of exercises that improve our daily lives.. This article is for that.

Feel good, full, satisfied is an arduous task. Feeling good is working better, have better emotional and work relationships, establish a harmony with the exterior and with the interior. Feeling good is being better.
The first three things to do in the morning: 30 minutes of exercise, have a good breakfast and thank the good. Physical work lowers our stress, a good meal gives us energy and gratitude focuses us on the good side of life.
During the day and also throughout our lives we must be assertive -asking for what you really want and saying what you think-, spend our money on experiences -travel, studies- and not in material objects and not to postpone. So we will be curious and we will be satisfied with our day.
To this we must add the value of the smile, take care of our posture when walking and sitting, listen to music and take care of our physical appearance.
Too, it is important to know how to accept defeats to learn from them, as well as victories. So it is essential to surround ourselves with good memories.
The list seems simple and it is. The key is to never put it aside until it becomes a habit. Because as we improve, we improve the world.

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